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August 19, 2011

More Than A Snapshot: Photography Tips | Sunbury Photographer

Wow! I can’t believe we are on our 6th entry in this series. I really hope that you are finding these little tips helpful when taking pictures.


2. Fill your frame.

3. Capture the scenery.

4. Remembering the details.

5. Composition

Today I want to talk about looking weird when taking pictures!
Yes I want you, the photographer, to look weird when you are taking a picture.

What does this mean? I’m talking about taking pictures at different, unusual, and what I would call fun angles. You will often find me laying on the ground or standing on a chair taking pictures. I have even been known to stand on my bar to take a cool shot of a big family dinner. You will also always see my camera tilted at strange angles when I’m shooting. I don’t always shoot exactly straight up and down. In fact, I rarely shoot that way.

See how there is a slight tilt in this shot.  You do have to be careful with this though.  You can tilt too far and it can sometimes look strange and somewhat confusing.  So again, this is something to practice to see what you like.

Shooting in this way is especially successful when shooting your “Fill the Frame” shots and your “Detail” shots. Not always helpful when shooting the scenery though. But again, play with it and see how you like it.

When taking a picture, squat down and shoot at their level.

If this image would have been shot from a standing position, you wouldn't even see much of her face.  Just the top of her head.  It's important to get down on your subjects level when shooting kids.

Lay on the ground and shoot from there. Sometimes on your stomach, sometimes on your back.

Stand on a chair and shoot from above.
(Shooting from above is also a great way to alleviate double chins and will give a slimming affect.)

In this picture I was actually standing on the table where they were playing. 
Just to get a little different picture.  Just for fun!

Sometimes being weird means laying on the ground and taking pictures of someones feet.  I got very strange looks when I took this picture.  In fact, my sister even gave a disclaimer before we took these pictures.  "She may ask you to do some weird things, and she may look strange when she is shooting, but I bet you will like what she comes up with in the end."  LOL  And they did give me some strange looks!  =) 

BUT, if I remember correctly, this picture was one of her favs in the end.

So go ahead.  Be brave and be weird.  Practice being weird at home first with your own family!  Then when you see what type of imagines you come up with shooting in this way, I bet you will be brave enough to be weird in other places too.  =)

Next time we are going to talk about catch lights.  Any idea what that is?

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