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May 19, 2011

More Than A Snapshot: Photography Tips | Sunbury Photographer

My second tip for you in our More Than A Snapshot series is very simple, but can make a big impact on your photos. All you have to do is fill your frame.
 And when I say fill the frame,

Really zoom in and focus on the subject.

When I say focus, I don’t mean “not blurry”. I mean focus, as in give complete attention to.

Leave all the clutter behind them out of the picture. Sometimes you can do that with the zoom on your camera. But sometimes you will have to actually walk up very close to your subject and take the picture. . Get all up in their personal space and take a nice tight shot.

When shooting this week, pay attention to the surroundings. If the surroundings don’t help tell the story, eliminate them.

Try it. You might like it! 

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