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August 14, 2011

More Than A Snapshot: Photography Tips | Sunbury Photographer

I’m back with another tip on helping to make your pictures tell a complete story.  I hope you are finding this information useful.  I have a few more posts in this series to round everything out. 
For now, let's get on with tip #4!

Let’s review. Shall we?


2. Fill your frame.

3. Capture the scenery.

Now I want to talk about the third type of shot I always try to remember to take. These are probably my fav shots. These are the detail shots.

In this picture I am trying to show how she wears a cute little dress and likes to be girly.  But then puts on a ball hat and her brother's flip flops and goes out and plays in the mud.

As for the details of this little get up she is wearing, I also got up close and personal and shot this image.  I love the mud on her leg and dress and the way she is wearing the flip flops.  And don't forget the toe nail polish!

Detail shots are the ones that melt your heart sometimes.
Pictures of babies little toes. Long beautiful eyelashes.

Or pictures of a preschooler practicing writing his numbers.

Or a little toddler feeding herself spaghetti-o's.

The other type of detail shots are the actual details of your event.  For example, taking pictures at Christmas time.  We always take pictures of the tree, but next time think about taking pictures of the other details. 
Like the stockings looking golden from the glow of the Christmas tree.

Or some details about Christmas breakfast.

When I say event, it doesn’t always have to be an “event” like a party or something. It can also be the details of the activity that you are capturing. If you are photographing a sporting event, take a picture of the dugout with bats hanging from the fence and Gatorade bottles all over. If you child is playing with matchbox cars, take a shot of his little hand pushing the car around.

Some of my most favorite detail shots of my own children were taken when they were asleep. That’s a great time to capture those beautiful pouty lips and those long eyelashes. (Can you tell I have a thing for eyelashes?  How many times have I mentioned them?  Sorry!)  They aren’t wiggling around and driving you mad. I even do this with my older boys. If they happen to fall asleep on the couch, I will sometimes grab my camera and snap a couple of pictures.

 Do you love the detail shots as much as I do?  Which details are your favs?

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