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January 19, 2014

Turning 1! | Hendersonville, NC Baby Photographer

So excited to get to share this adorable little boy with you today! 
 I wanted his parents to see these first in person before I shared them with world.
Now that they have seen them, it's your turn.
This is the second time I was lucky enough to get to photograph him. 
 Hard to believe that he is already celebrating his 1st birthday!
As you can see, he is SUPER excited about his birthday.  Ha
His dad said that this next shot looked like a mug shot.  HaHa 
Again with the huge amounts of enthusiasm for his upcoming birthday.
I LOVE all of the facial expressions that he shared with me!
Awww.... here we go.  Some excitement!
 And then he gave me some sweetness.
He has the most beautiful, sparkly eyes.

 I threw this little collage together just to show all the different expressions that he gave me that day.
I love the one where he is holding the wooden O.  Like "Come on lady.  Are we finished here yet?" 

Happy Birthday my little friend!
Do me a favor and stop growing so fast.
Deal?  Deal. 

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