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January 29, 2014

In her words... | Senior Photographer Hendersonville, NC

Today I thought I'd allow my client to tell you about her experience during her senior session.
In her words...
I've never been someone who likes having their picture taken. So when my senior pictures came around, I was excited that I was a senior, but not really excited about pictures. I have also never thought of myself as very "good looking".  I never like pictures of myself, so when this day came I didn't really know what I was in for.  I had never had my picture taken like that.
But we started going around from place to place taking pictures.  Sometimes I would move in a certain spot and Billie would stay "Stop don't move!" I was hoping I would have at least a few good pictures that I liked.
With Billie being the nice, kind-hearted person she is, you can't NOT have a good time!
We laughed and had a really good day all day!
I enjoyed myself while getting my picture taken.  That has never happened before.
 The more she posted the pictures, the more excited I got to see them all. 
  We did a special picture for my brother who passed away two years ago.
It's a picture I will treasure forever!
I will never forget the day she sent me the link to see all of the pictures.
I opened them to look at them and started crying! For many reasons.
 I have never felt so pretty in pictures in my life.  
The fact that I wasn't a little girl was right before me. 
 I have always wanted really good senior pictures and I got them!  ~Ally
I think we can all agree that Ally is gorgeous! 
I'm so grateful for being able to capture photographs of her that helps her to see her own beauty.
Enjoy the rest of your senior year Ally!!!
Much love,


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