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January 26, 2014

Blurry | Child Photographer Hendersonville, NC

Sometimes when you are taking pictures of a 5 year old little girl that
loves to sing and dance, things get a little blurry.
 These pictures certainly are not technically perfect.  They aren't tact sharp by any means. 
But sometimes the moment is much more important than the technical aspects of photography.
This is most definitely one of those times. 
These pictures are so HER right now! 
Which is exactly what I aim to capture in all of my sessions. 
The personality of the child at that given time in life. 
Do you have a little one full of personality that you would like to capture?
A little boy that wears his super hero cape everywhere he goes.
A little girl that loves to play dress up.
A little one that loves to read books.
Give me a call and we can create a custom session to document that sweet little personality to help you ALWAYS remember every cute little thing that you are afraid you might forget.

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