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April 04, 2013

Mr. Myles | Hendersonville Children's Photographer

Are you ready for some cute this morning?
Yesterday morning Myles & I had a little fun together capturing a whole lot of cute!!!
 He has many looks.  He can really pull off that serious look.
And he is even better at big smiles & laughter!
 I must confess I paid a price for that laughter though.
I was pretending to bang my head on something and he would crack up laughing every time!
The headache that I walked away from our time together with was well worth it.

 I don't remember what I said to get this laugh.  Whatever it was, it worked.
With kids I will do, say, or act in whatever way they think is funny.
Sometimes it's being loud.  Sometimes it's telling little jokes.  Sometimes it's banging my head on something.  With boys, they think gross things are hilarious.  So sometimes it's gross things!
Whatever it takes!

 Like I said... whatever it takes for them to loosen up and have some fun!
I just keep snappin that shutter.

If you would like to see more of this session, you can view a gallery of his images here.
Get in touch soon to book your FUN spring session!
I can't wait to capture your cute little man or princess.
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