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April 02, 2013

An iPhone Kind of Easter | Hendersonville Photographer

I've never been very good a documenting Easter for some reason. 
Some things I seem to document to death, but I never have very many pictures of Easter.
No idea why.
When the kids got up this Easter morning and were exploring their baskets, I had my phone in my hand and snapped a picture because I was feeling too lazy to get up and get my camera.
And so my iPhone Easter begins!
 One of the things I like about taking pictures with my iPhone is that I can do it silently and no one even knows I'm doing it.  I wish my camera had a way to silence the shutter sound.  Had I got up to get my camera for this shot, they would have noticed and knew exactly what I was doing,  Then they would have all scattered.  Silence is golden.
And yes, our teenagers still get Easter baskets right along with the little ones!
While I was inside making Easter dinner, the kids were on the porch "relaxing".
Read "fighting over that table".
 While they were outside "relaxing", I was inside secretly doing this to their Easter eggs.
 We really aren't a big fancy meal kind of family. 
 Just the standard ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, noodles, some veggies, and rolls. 
 After lunch, I was sitting in the family room relaxing for a few minutes and
heard this strange noise coming from the dining room.  I walked around the corner
and discovered this little monkey slurping noodle broth right out of the pan!
He kind of likes noodles.  ;)
 After Easter baskets, candy eating, cooking, candy eating, porch sitting, candy eating, lunch eating, kitchen clean up, candy eating, a nap for dad, and some water bottles packed, we decided to go on a family hike.  We had decided on the Skinny Dip Falls Trail off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
We drove for close to an hour to get to the trail (the speed limit on the parkway is 35mph, so it takes forever to get anywhere on it), and got within 5 miles of it on the parkway, when we arrived at a Road Closed sign & some rain showers!  Peyton is not a fan of hiking in the rain.  She has been there and done that.  Doesn't care to do it again.  We disappointedly turned around and started back home.
Our Easter hike turned into just a Sunday drive.
But on the way home we discovered Sliding Rock!  We meant to visit this place last summer, and never made it out there.  Now we know exactly where it is and will hopefully get to slide down Sliding Rock soon.  Soon, as in, when the water warms up a little!
 As you can see, our Easter was really low key.  Living so far away from family makes the holidays very laid back and uneventful.  Our first holiday after we moved to North Carolina from Ohio was kind of sad.  But I think we are getting use to it and making the most of it.  And dare I say, even enjoying it together as our own little family.
How was your Easter?  Did you get lazy and document the holiday with your phone?  Or did you break out your camera?  Who is coming to visit this summer and experiencing Sliding Rock with us?

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