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February 11, 2013

Sweet Baby D - Hendersonville, NC Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby D is the fourth born child, first born daughter, of a very dear friend of mine.  We live almost identical lives with our 3 ornery boys and 1 baby girl.  Even our husbands are very similar! 
 I drove all the 8+ hours back to Ohio just to photograph this little one!

And I must say, it was worth every mile of that long drive.

Even though my sweet third born son and daughter bickered and fought the ENTIRE time we were driving.  I was actually kind of impressed with them that they could find 8+ hours worth of stuff to argue about.

Peyton refers to Delaney as Baby Belamey.

Delaney's mama calls her Princess.

I refer to her as lucky.  Lucky to be born into such an amazing family with a mommy & daddy who adore her, and three big brothers to protect her for life.  You can check out some pictures of her brothers here, here,  and here if you like.

Until next time Baby Delaney.  I hope next time is SOON!

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