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February 04, 2011

5 on Friday | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

1. Some how I came across a beautiful blog a couple of weeks ago that I think you might like. I love this photographer’s work. She is doing a 30 day photo project with her baby boy. She documented his life everyday for the month of January. She posted gorgeous black and white images of her adorable little boy. I mean he is too pretty to be a boy. So anyway, I thought I would share the blog with you too since I know you love beautiful photographs! You can visit Kerianne Browns blog here. http://keriannebrown.com/blog/

2. So last week I told you I had to work on my sales taxes over the weekend. Well, I didn’t do it over the weekend. Too busy having family time and taking naps.  So Monday night I stayed up late, after helping Brodey finish a project that was due on Tuesday, finished up & paid my sales tax online on January 31st. So I wouldn’t be late filing this time. Well guess what, they were actually due on January 24th, not the 31st. So they ended up being late anyway. I thought they were due by the end of the month. Lesson learned.

3. So we have had an incredibly yucky week! Cold + ice + snow + wind + no power = unhappiness

4. A little photo tip this week, use the snow outside to your advantage when you are taking indoor photos. Get your subject, whether it is a child, pet, or just a random object, and put it near a window. Use natural light instead of the flash. The snow is like a huge reflector bouncing lots of natural light in through your windows. Give it a try this weekend and see what you come up with. Post them on my Facebook wall so I can see if you try it. You might even go as far as taking the picture with the flash and then take it again using the natural light and see which way you like it better. I would be interested in hearing what you think.

5. Tip number 2 this week, get closer! When taking pictures, crop in closer on your subject. Fill the frame with your subject. This will eliminate distracting backgrounds and bring more attention to your subject. Again, please share what you come up with. I would love to see it.

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