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February 07, 2011

bowls, bowls, and more bowls | Sunbury Photographer

A few more things decluttered in the kitchen!

I have been replacing, or receiving as gifts, new Tupperware containers lately. 
Lots of pretty new colors!
Bowls that aren't partially melted on the inside or stained from red sauce. 
So instead of doing like I usually do, and keep all the old stuff along with the new stuff, I decided to get rid of some of the old stuff that I really no longer need.  I actually already decluttered this cabinet once a few weeks ago.  But it still had too much stuff in it.

Here is a before picture... (this was after the initial declutter)

 I had three sets of the same bowls.  One really old set, one old set, and one new set.
As you can see, I of course decided to get rid of the old ugly stuff and keep the pretty new set.
I also got rid of anything that did not stack easily.  I had a couple sets of bowls that did not stack inside of each other well.  So they took up more space and were always falling over.  Those are gone!

I did have some square items that I kept to use as organizers in drawers.

I really love the new colors that Tupperware has right now. 
They make my cupboards and fridge look so cheery when I open them!

Gotta love cheery!

Here is the after picture.

Next up, this mess of stuff sitting in the corner of my counter.

A big ugly eye sore.

 I don't even cook! 
Maybe subconsiously I thought if I had this mess of recipes and cookbooks, it would make it seem like I was a cook.  I don't know.  Regardless, this mess is GONE!

I took all those papers with recipes written on them and copied them on to recipe cards that would fit inside the recipe basket.  I know.  What a novel idea right???  Got rid of a bunch of cookbooks and cooking magazines in that green basket, and removed it from the countertop.

This is what the space looks like now!

And since I cleaned out this cabinet a few weeks ago and had empty space in it, I decided to put the recipe basket and the one cookbook that I did keep, up in the cabinet.  So it's not a clutter eye sore that I have to look at everyday in the corner of my countertop.

While I was packing up a box of kitchen stuff for Goodwill, I decided to clean some more stuff out of a couple of other cabinets as well. 

Do you know that I had 42 plates in my cabinet for our family of 6?

 That's ridiculous.
So I cut that back to 16. 
Probably really still too many. 
But we'll see how this works out before I go further. 
Also got rid of a few more cups and some other kids dishes.

I'm finding that it's best to make 2 or 3 sweeps of the same area to really get it completely decluttered.  It's hard to get rid of every single thing that you should the first time through.  But after you purge the initial stuff, then later after you have forgotten about and haven't even missed what you got rid of, you can make another pass and purge a few more things.

Happy Decluttering everyone!

PS  Let me know what you have been decluttering in your home.  If you haven't started yet, I hope that these posts will inspire you to purge that first drawer.  Then when you see how good it feels, you will tackle a book shelve, and then a coat closet.  And before you know it, it's like a snowball that just keeps going and going.  I actually sat at work today thinking about getting home to work on these cabinets.  It's sort of addicting!  : ) 

 I know, I'm wierd.

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