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November 23, 2010

#7 | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

Moving on to #7 on my list!

So last time I
posted, I told you that I have my family photo taken care of. Such a huge task to mark off my list. That is probably the hardest thing for me to get done each year. Living in a house full of boys makes family picture taking a bit of a challenge.

Thankfully that is finished, cards were designed, cards were ordered, cards have been received, and cards have been addressed! YEAH! I’m very excited to have my cards in my hands already. I have been jealous of every single client that I had delivered holiday cards to. I wanted mine to be finished too. And now they are! I know you are probably thinking I’m insane! I love Christmas. I love Christmas lights, ornaments, smells, cookies, time with family, and yep you guessed it, I love Christmas cards. I love creating them, sending them and receiving them. I love receiving cards with photos in them especially. I love getting to see everyone’s families. How the kids are growing. All the cute pictures and cards are one of my fav parts of the season. Feel free to send me a holiday card this year if you like! I would love to see it!

With the awesome weather that we had two weekends ago, we went ahead and put up our lights on the outside of our house. I didn’t hang the wreath, or anything that you can actually see from the road. Just put the lights on the fence and shrubs so they will be ready to plug in after Thanksgiving. This is a great thing for me to have marked off my list of things to do, but Cooper is so confused. He cannot understand why in the “wirld” we would hang all these pretty lights on our house and not turn them on.

“Why Mommy? Why can’t we turn them on?” “Because Cooper, we will be one of those crazy people with their Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving that everyone talks about on Facebook!”

I bet you can guess his next question. “Can we put up the Chwistmas tree too Mommy?”

“NO! We are not putting up the Chwistmas tree yet!”

But we will be soon. Should be up by the end of this upcoming weekend!

And in honor of by daughter today on her 2nd birthday, I'm including a picture of her from last Christmas. Isn't she precious?

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

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