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November 19, 2010

Five on Friday | Sunbury Photographer

1. I was window shopping on Etsy again today and came across this print. I think it’s kind of cool!

2. More decluttering last weekend. We got rid of two van loads of stuff from our house on Saturday and Sunday. We hit Peyton and Cooper’s rooms pretty hard. Sent a bunch of homeschool materials to my niece to list on Ebay, returned some borrowed items, cleaned out some drawers and most importantly, got rid of a ton of toys from their rooms. Cooper started to fuss about a couple of things in the donation bag, but then I reminded him that we had to make room for Christmas and birthday toys. His response “Get rid of it!” So now he has an activity table, a box of cars, and a box of trains and tracks in his room. And he is perfectly content with that. And so am I!

3. I also recently came across these frames on Etsy too. They are cute, very well priced, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

4. If you read this blog post, you know that I’m offering a digital file special this week! Please check the post out for more details if you are interested. The order deadline is tomorrow.

5. I’m excited that I have a newborn session scheduled this weekend. And I just received the most adorable little hat to wear on him. There hasn’t been a newborn around here for a few weeks now. I’ll be sharing all the sweetness soon. We can all get our baby fix without the late nights!

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