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October 18, 2010

a gift list and budget | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

So if you read the post last week regarding my Christmas preparations, you know that I posted a To Do List that will help me prepare for Christmas in a timely manner. I’m hoping I can complete this list and be able to spend time with my family and enjoying the Christmas season when December roles around. I’m writing today to let you know that I completed the first item on my list.

(If the idea of thinking about Christmas already makes you nervous, and you only come here to see the pictures, scroll through to the bottom of the post for a fun picture.)

Item #1: Create a gift list and budget. CHECK & MARK! Done.

I’m well on my way to completeing this list.


Sure I am.

I’m going to be sitting back the whole month of December just waiting on Christmas to arrive.


So I sat down and listed all the people that I need to purchase or make gifts for this Christmas. Being sure to include teachers, bus drivers, etc… Can’t forget those important people that take such awesome care of our most precious gifts from God day in and day out!

Also did some google searches for some fun things that I could possibly make for Christmas gifts this year. Started working on another gift idea with a little photography project. Stopped by the store to figure out what things might cost to make the above gifts.

I talked to the boys about their Christmas wish lists. Received a list from each of them. The older boys are pretty short and simple. So that should be easy. Although, the oldest really wants a gun and the second one really wants a quad. Both are a NO! The third one just wants a remote control everything! Remote control choo choo, remote control motorcycle, remote control “fill in the blank”,…. Apparently he likes the idea of having a remote control for every toy!

Lazy kid!

What happened to pushing a toy with kid power instead of battery power?

I personally am not a fan of remote control toys. They seem to entertain for all of about a week and then they are never seen again. So maybe one, inexpensive one, will make it under the tree for him.

Coop also wanted to make a list for his baby sister. He suggested baby dolls and books and he is exactly right. That is all she plays with. Dolls and books!

On to the next item on my To Do List. Make my card list and budget.

Here's the fun picture I promised.
Chihuly from the Franklin Park Conservatory.

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