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April 25, 2010

Brothers | Sunbury Children's Photographer

The other day I shared pictures of Becca with you from a photo session last week. Today I want to share her brothers with you.

First up, Alex! Her handsome big brother!

Alex just turned 13 this month. He is one of my oldest nephews. He didn't really want to smile for me. He just wanted to give me this cool, serious look. I do have to admit that I really like this look that he kept giving me. And I kept asking him when he got to be so handsome!

Even though I liked that serious look, I did want to capture a few smiles too. So for this next picture I pulled out the "You know I used to change your poopy diapers Alex." That's all it took. Smiles were every where. Not only with him, but his brother and sister were cracking up too. I know you are probably thinking that wasn't very nice to tease him like that. But trust me, he can handle it! He wanted to play hardball and withhold the smiles. So I had to bring out the diaper talk.

Now lets move on to Becca's little brother Noah. He's the youngest in the family and as cute as can be!

Noah is at that stage in life where it's hard to figure out how to give a natural smile! I call it the "goofy smile stage". You know the one where every time they see a camera they give the all teeth smile and squinty eyes! This next shot is just about the perfect amount of teeth and eyes!!

He also was very into giving me lots of very interesting looks. I just kept snapping away and would eventually get a nice natural smile when he was having fun giving me the funny faces.

What you can't see in this last shot is that it was actually a group shot with his siblings. He was standing there so perfectly and smiling so beautifully I shouted "Alex, Becca, duck! Quickly!" They both ducked down out of the shot and I got this gorgeous photo!

So there you have it, the individual shots of the three of them. I may be back later in the week with some group shots too.

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