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April 24, 2010

Becca | Sunbury Children's Photographer

Meet Becca!

My sweet little niece Becca.

These are some of the photos from the apple orchard the other night.
I have so many pictures to share from this shoot. I thought I would spare you a gigantic post of a gazillion pictures and break this session up into mulitple posts!

I took pictures of Becca and both of her brothers. She is the middle child and the only girl, so I thought I would start with her individual shots first. Ladies first!

She loves to have her picture taken and is always game for anything that I ask of her.

And she usually has lots of ideas of her own as well!

She was one of my very first ginea pigs, other then my own kiddos, when I first got my DSLR camera and started experimenting with my lighting system. She is always so fun to experiment with.

I'm always amazed when I load all her pictures on my computer after a shoot and see how many expressions she gives to me.

Sometimes I get a little attitude! Other times innocence, sassiness, sweetness... I just never know what I might capture. But that is Becca. She is full of lots of personality.

Becca, I hope you had as much fun having your pictures taken as I did taking them!

I'll be back soon with photos of her big and little brothers.

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