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April 26, 2010

Photos by Drew

We were out in the yard on Saturday playing. Cooper and Peyton were of course picking all the dandelions in the yard. Isn't that what every little kid does this time of year? I of course had my camera out and was snapping pictures of all the cuteness!

Drew, my oldest son, ask me if he could take some pictures too. So I gave him my camera and he took Cooper off and started directing him in what he wanted him to do. He took Cooper out in the distance and told him to walk around and pick some pretty flowers for mommy. Then he ran back, grabbed the camera, layed down on the ground and shot these pictures.

I think it's a pretty cool angle. Don't you think?

Then he helped Cooper make a little bouquet and told him to hold it out in front of him. Surprisingly, Coop did everything Drew ask of him.

I especially love this next shot.

I love the angle he took and the cute little finger touching the flower.

Then he asked Cooper to smell the flowers.
As you can see, Cooper was losing interest in Drew's little photo shoot.

Then Drew told him to throw the flowers up in the air!
Clearly Coop loved this part of the plan!

I think Drew did a great job.
He has a great eye and some good ideas.
I might start dragging him along on my sessions!

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