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January 28, 2015

Enka High School Senior Portraits | Asheville, NC Senior Photographers

When I receive messages like the one below from a client, I get all teary eyed.  As you will see from Stephanie's pictures, she has no reason at all to be insecure.  She is such a beautiful person.  Inside and out.  It makes me so happy to hear that I was able to help her feel better about her self image and build her confidence, all while having a great time creating gorgeous senior portraits that she can cherish for a lifetime.

Stephanie's words:

"I first heard about Billie from my friend Caitlin.  She recommended me to Billie to help me with my senior project. My project was on natural beauty photography.  I went and shadowed Billie one Saturday morning while she was taking pictures of a girl for her sweet sixteen! I loved learning all her cool techniques she uses, and I was so mesmerized by how cool the experience was.  So much so that I wanted to get her to take my pictures too! 

So on one freezing, windy, cold day we all went to the NC Arboretum and she took my senior pictures! I wasn’t feeling so confident in the beginning of my session.  But then she ended up showing me the pictures on her camera while we were taking pictures.  That made me like a little more confident and I loosened up! She is easy to take pictures with anyways because she is always cracking jokes and laughing, and it just puts a smile on your face! (Which makes for a cute candid picture!) 

I loved how she boosts your confidence while taking pictures.   Coming from a girl who doesn’t have much confidence, it feels good to be happy with your self-image! '

EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET THEIR PICTURES DONE WITH BILLIE!  She is by far the best I’ve seen, and she comes with a great personality! Thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures for my senior year. I am forever grateful. "

- Steph <3 comment-3--="">

As Stephanie stated, it was a freezing cold morning when we shot these images.  She was such a trooper trying not to look like she was frozen.  I think she succeeded.  This first set of images looks so warm to me.  Almost looks like we were on the beach or something.  And I LOVED her flower crown that she chose to wear with this simple white sundress.

teen girl at the north carolina arboretum  in a white sundress and pink flower crown
Then she totally changed it up for her second look.  Bringing jeans, a simple white tee, a flannel and a couple of different hats.  I kept telling her I wished we were in a gungy alley for this look.  :)
senior girl in torn jeans, white tshirt, hat, and boots
We stayed with the same outfit when we headed to another part of the arboretum.  Even though it's the same outfit, we created a totally different feel for this set.  It's amazing how different posing and expressions can make the same outfit look completely different.
high school senior girl in red plaid shirt, torn jeans and white tshirt
And then for her final look, she went a little more dressy.  I loved this look as well.  I was amazed at how well she pulled off so many different looks.  I don't think I can really pick a favorite. 
teen girl with long blonde hair wearing black leather jacket, black flowy shirt, black jeans, and black heals
And may I just say how jealous I am of those legs.  If you have met me in person, you can understand my jealousy based on the length of my short little legs.  :)

Thank you again Stephanie for allowing me the honor of creating your senior portraits for you.  I loved working with you both on your senior project and your senior portraits.  I hope you will love them for many years to come.


Billie has been shooting high school seniors for 5 years.  First in Central Ohio, and now in Western North Carolina.  She focuses on creating unique sessions for each individual senior, while also helping build a positive self image for the girls she works with.  She believes that by creating a positive self image in her clients, she can help empower them with the confidence they need to go out into the world and pursue their dreams.  Contact her today to set up your YOUnique senior session!

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