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July 05, 2011

Bedroom Makeover FINALLY Complete | Sunbury Photographer

I’m back with my latest makeover. I shared the master bathroom with you here. Now I’m here to show you what we did with the master bedroom.  I’m very pleased with both rooms. Very peaceful & calm spaces. At least when there aren’t any fighting kids running around in there. =)

The room has several little projects that make up the total makeover.

Lets start with this little chair that I found at Goodwill. It’s a nice sturdy wooden chair that was $3.99, but marked 50% off. So for 2 bucks I got this cute little chair that I wanted to paint for this room.

When I got it home and began sanding it and cleaning it up, I turned it over and discovered it was an Ethan Allen chair. No wonder it’s so sturdy. I’m warning you now, all of you natural wood loving people (Kathy M.), you may want to scroll on past this section of this post. I know how upsetting it can be for people like me to ruin a perfectly good piece of wood furniture with paint!

I don't worry about primer on some things that I spray paint.  But since this is a chair that could be handled a lot, I thought a sanding and some primer might  be a good idea.

I also wanted to try something a little different.  I saw something out in blogland somewhere, where a girl painted the bottoms of the legs a different color.  I'm sure there is a name for it, but I have no idea what it is.

After giving the legs a couple of coats of blue paint, I taped off the legs and spray painted the rest of the chair white.  Gives it kind of a fun look I think.  Of course I somehow managed to get one little dab of white paint on the blue part of the leg.  And of course it had to be a front leg.  But guess what?  I don't really care.  I didn't want to dirty a brush again to fix that little spot.  How lazy is that???

I also took my little sanding block and distressed some of the edges a little. 
You can't really see it in these pictures, but I like it.

Then my cute little painted chair needed a friend.  I had this fabric laying around that I hadn't figured out what to do with yet.  It was the perfect size for a little pillow of this chair.  My mama will be so proud, I even figured out how to add a little ruffle.  (She has been trying to teach me how to sew for years.  I'm horrible at it!)

This painting came from Etsy.  I purchased it from this artist.  She has a very whimsical style that I really like.  And the colors in this painting were perfect for this room.

Clearance bamboo roman shade from Lowes.  I think I only paid around $8 for it.  Curtains are from Ikea.  They are the Vivan style and are only $14.99 for both panels.  They also come with some hemming tape if you don't want to take the time to sew them. 

I don't know if you can tell or not from the picture, but the color on the walls actually pulls a little bit of a greenish color from the shade.  That was a happy surprise!

I had another space that I needed something for. Some type of art work. I have a big chunky frame that I wanted to put fabric in for that space. I had a canvas that I thought about painting. I couldn't find fabric I liked and couldn't get the motivation to paint the canvas. So I was walking through the dollar store the other day and saw these. I thought the bamboo looking texture would look good in here.

Any guess on what they are?

They are placemats.

$1 placemats hanging on my bedroom wall!

What do you think?

I'm not totally in love, but they are working until I find something better.

They are better than a blank wall.

Just some pretty seashells that my step dad bought my boys a couple of years ago while we were on vacation.

My next little project involved this!

Yep.  A canvas painters drop cloth!


  An old rug that I had rolled up in the garage to take to Goodwill.
Spray adhesive.
Painters tape.

First I layed the old rug out on top of the drop cloth and cut around the rug, leaving a couple of inches on each side.

Then I ironed the drop cloth to remove all the wrinkles and fold marks.

Next I took my rug, my drop cloth and my spray adhesive outside.
I layed the rug on the cement right side up.  Then layed the drop cloth on top of the rug and squared it up with the rug.  Next I pulled back the drop cloth half way on one end, sprayed the adhesive onto the rug, layed the cloth back down and smoothed out all wrinkles and creases.  After that was set, I repeated the same steps for the other end of the rug.

After the adhesive was set, I took the rug back inside and grabbed my handy dandy green Frog Tape.  LOVE THAT STUFF!  I taped off random sized spaces.  No meassuring or planning of colors.  For those of you that know me well, that is a big step in my matchy matchy, symmetrical addiction recovery!  Ordinarily I would have meassured everything precisely and would have had to have a color theme picked out before I could start.


I did use a yardstick to try to get my tape lines somewhat straight.

Next I grabbed some of my MANY paint samples, as well as the left over paint from the bathroom and bedroom, to paint my lines.  My very random, non-planned out lines.

Would you look at how perfect those lines are.  No bleeding.  The green tape is so much better than the blue tape.  And notice how I didn't make sure that every single little thread of the canvas was perfectly and evenly covered with paint.  I've discovered if you go with the "weathered" look, when you make mistakes you can act as if they were on purpose.  Just trying to make it look weathered!

And here's the finished product!  A nice sized, coordinating, inexpensive rug for my bedroom.  The only thing I purchased was the drop cloth which was $9.99 at Home Depot and I still have at least half of it to use for something else.

(I still need to hot glue the edges under to the back side of the rug.  I'll get to it eventually.)

This was another good deal that I bought at Home Depot.
A 40" x 32" mirror for $19!
That's a big mirror for that price.
The problem was that I didn't care for the finish that was on the frame.  It was kind of goldish, antiquey looking.  Not really working with this room.
Nothing a brown paper bag, painters tape and a little spray paint can't fix.
I taped it all up to protect the mirror from the paint and gave it a couple of coats of spray paint.
Looks much better!

I did get a little paint on the mirror and it scraped right off with a razor blade.

I love the details in the frame.

The mirror allows the room to look brighter because of the light reflecting off of it.

So many projects in this room.  Next is this cute little lamp.  I've had this lamp forever.  It was a weird greenish color with lovely little pencil marks on it from one of my lovely little children.

Enter white spray paint again.  Sprayed the base of it white, wrapped some burlap around the shade, and then finished the edges with some pretty aqua ribbon to coordinate with the room.

Notice I said "coordinate" not "match" the room!  =)

I used the spray adhesive again to adhere the burlap to the shade.  Then some hot glue to glue the edges to the under side of the shade.

And last but not least, some throw pillows for the bead.  I found this upholstry fabric in the remnant bin at JoAnn's.  A yard of $29.99 fabric marked down to $6.80.  So together with a $4.00 bag of pillow stuffing (I'm sure there is a different name for it), I made these two throw pillows.  I have some fabric left over that I want to use for something else.  I love it so much.

The whole room started with this quilt that I bought a few months ago on clearnace at JCPenneys.  I believe it was about a $200 quilt marked down to $60 or $70.  I loved the colors.  So it has been my inspiration for everything in the room..

I'm totally in love with the paint color.  It's called Rainwashed from Sherwin Williams.  It's another one of those colors that sort of changes throughout the day.  Sometimes green, sometimes aqua, sometimes greyish.  I love all the colors!

Total cost for the entire re-do is right around $225.  Not too bad for an entire room makeover.

I hope you enjoyed this little makeover.  We have moved on to the boys bedroom, which is finished, and the family room, which is still in progress.  It's turning out very well.  I will share with you as soon as I can.  I'm hoping to have the entire house ready to put on the market by the end of July.  Wish me luck!

So have any of you been doing any redecorating?  What are you favorite go to colors? 

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