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January 02, 2011

pic of the day project | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

Do any of you remember last year when I started a 365 Project?  Probably not.  If you aren't familiar with what a 365 Project is, it's a commitment to take one picture a day for an entire year.  Sadly, I didn't last very long on that project.  I was in the process of building my website and getting this blog up and running at the same time that I was starting the project.  Something had to give.  So two months in to my 12 month project, the 365 Project gave.

Well, I've decided to give this project another try in 2011.  I'm not sure how long I'll make it.  Definitely longer than 2 months and hopefully close to 12 months.  There may be days that I miss.  NO, there WILL be days that I miss.  I'm planning on that right now.  That way I won't feel like I need to make this happen perfectly or it's not a success.  So what if I ONLY document 300 days of our year.  Right?  Right!  As long as I capture some of the year, I will be happy. 

I spend so much time capturing and creating beautiful images for my clients, that sometimes my own memories are forgotten.  2011 will be different!  This time I'm doing a 365 Project of my family.  My plan is to document the little moments of our everyday lives with this project and then put together a book of the entire year of photos.  A book to document a year in our lives.  I post lots of pics of my family that are more posed or technically correct.  This project will not be about the photography.  This project will show the good and not so good.  Whatever pics are going to show our lives and the moments that I want to remember. 

And lucky for you, I have created another blog to post all the images on!  Just kidding!  Not lucky for you.  Lucky for me.  Three reasons for posting the pictures on a blog.  One, it's a place for me to keep the pictures and then create a blog book with at the end of 2011 to celebrate completing the project.  Two, I also thought that if I was posting them on a blog, I might feel more accountable to keep up with the project.  And third,  I hope that this will encourage you to start capturing more of your everyday moments. Not just the pictures of Christmas morning, or everyone dressed up in the their Easter best. But kids eating dinner with more dinner on their face than in their bellies. Pictures of kids playing board games, or even playing video games. Afterall, whether we like it or not, those video games tell part of the story of their lives right now.  Grandkids when they come to visit.  Your gardening or craft projects.  Whatever pictures tell your story.

I've have so many people tell me that their cameras are packed away in their closet nicely in their camera bags.  WHAT????  What good does that do you?  Get your camera out.  Take pictures everyday.  Not only will you capture your life more fully, but you will get better and better at taking pictures.  My camera is laying on my kitchen counter at all times.  Always charged and memory cards ready for taking pictures.

So here's the blog.  Billie's Pic of the Day  Check it out if you're interested in following along.  Start your own 365 Project too.  Post your daily pictures on a blog or on your Facebook.  And please, if you do decide to start your own picture of the day, please share with me where you are posting them so I can follow along with you. 

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