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January 04, 2011

Brooke & Trey | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

Now that Christmas is over I can share these pictures with you.  A couple of months ago these two awesome kids contacted me about taking pictures of them for Christmas gifts to their parents and grandparents.  I know, I know.  Pretty cool huh!  How many of you are wishing your kids would do something like that for you?  Insert me raising my hand and waving it wildly right now!

I've known these kids since they were very young.  They are both pretty amazing people.  And so much fun to work with.  Truth is, they are tons of fun all the time!

I mean come on.  What teenage brother and sister do this?

And smile at the same time!

Then we came across this cool VW bus.  I knew I needed some pics with it as soon as I saw it.

Then we ventured down this alley and captured my fav shot of the evening.

We got the mom and grandma shots above.  Then we decided to have some more fun. 

These shots were completely spontaneous. 
They would pose, hear the click of the camera, pose again, click, pose again, click, and finally pose one last time for the picture in the bottom right of the collage.  I thought it was funny that they did the same exact thing without even talking about it!

Thanks so much Brooke and Trey for doing this for your parents.   I hope they loved their pictures!

Any other really cool kids out there want to win some brownie points with Mom and Dad, give me a call.  We'll figure it out together.

Funny Side Note:  I asked Brooke & Trey how they got away from home together.  What did they tell their parents?  They said "We told them that you were talking more senior pictures of Brooke and Trey had to come along to watch Cooper for me."  Which is totally believable since Cooper (5 year old) thinks that Trey (15 year old) is his best friend!  AND, just so happened, I took Cooper with me that day for their session.  So naturally we had to take a couple of pics with Coop and his buddies!

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