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January 14, 2011

5 on Friday | Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographer

1. Last weekend I had the chance to shoot two of my favorite kind of sessions. Saturday was a High School Senior and Sunday was a newborn baby girl. Both sessions were a lot of fun. Last week I mentioned doing something different with your photo session. Bundle up and go outside! And that is exactly what we did on Saturday.  I mean tell me, how many times do you see childrens, senior or family portraits with people all bundled up in cute hats, gloves, scarves and boots? Not very often really. Most people plan their session during the summer or fall time. I’m telling you, winter sessions can really be fun. And oh so cute and unique! Here are a couple of images from last weekend to prove out awesome they are. :o)

2. I really do waiver between senior and newborn sessions being my favs. I can’t really decide which I like more. I love them both for different reasons. I love seniors because they are fun and energetic! They are up for fun new ideas and they do exactly what I ask the first time I ask! As opposed to other children, (I won’t mention any names, but you can see them somewhere pretty big on top of this blog) who I have to beg & bribe to get a few shots! Then I love newborns because they are so sweet and well, new! I love shooting newborn sessions because I just never know what I’m going to get. They can definitely be a challenge. But when you get that one special image, it is oh so worth all the pee, sweat, and tears that usually acompany a newborn session. Here are a couple of images from my newborn session last weekend to hold you over until I get the whole session blogged.

3. So we finally took the Christmas tree down this week. No the tree wasn’t still up because of laziness. The tree was still up because we were really, really enjoying it this year. Especially Cooper & Peyton! They would stand near it and gaze at all the bulbs & lights. Occassionally, scratch that, many times, they would break an ornament. But I tried not to get too bent out of shape about it. I was enjoying observing them all wrapped up in the magic of Christmas. Needless to say, I had a couple of unhappy kiddies after I took it down.

4. I kept telling myself that when January rolled around, things would slow down. I’d have a little breathing room. So why do I have a to-do list a mile long of things that need to be done? Website updates, marketing materials that need designed and ordered, taxes, a fun little surprise project that I am working on that really needs to get completed soon, business forms to create, etc… And I have a million blog post ideas swimming around in my head too! I have to say, I love the photography part of having a photography business. The business part of a photography business, not so much!

5. I have a new product offering this year.  I finally got around to ordering these really cool little albums to see if it was something that I thought all of you might like.  I have to say, I LOVE THEM!  And, I think you will too.  They are mini accordian albums that are perfect for throwing in your purse and showing off your beautiful family all the time.  You know how much moms and grandmas love to do that.  I will post some images of my sample album sometime soon so you can see what I'm talking about.

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