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October 01, 2010

Five on Friday | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

1.) It has been, and will continue to be, a very busy week. I shot a wedding in Huron, Ohio last weekend. I had a session last night with three adorable little boys. I have two sessions today and then two more on Saturday. Lots of pictures to share with you. Someday. When I can get caught up on blogging. Don't be surprised if I am still sharing summer pictures with you this winter!

2.) On that note, another update on scheduling. Our calendar is completely booked for the remainder of 2010. We will however still find time to squeeze in newborn sessions. Newborns can't wait. They are only newborn for a short time. We will let you know when we open up our 2011 calendar for scheduling.

3.) We spend every Thursday and Saturday sitting at football fields. I spent a couple of Saturdays ago trying to photograph Brodey's game. It's quite a challenge to capture action shots and keep track of two little ones that love to run wild at the field! I need to find someone to watch those little people this Thursday so I can photograph one of Drew's games. Please don't avoid my call if you see my number on your caller ID!

4.) I've been listening to THIS a lot lately while working around the house or editting photos. I love his music! I discovered him on Pandora a while back and listen to him pretty much daily now.

5.) My awesome Mom made me three cool new camera straps for my camera! Thanks Mom! I love them! They are so cute.

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  1. Love your blog and the above picture is great!


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