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September 22, 2010

reality check & photo-less

Cooper: “Mommy will you please come outside and play in the leaves with me?”

Me: “In a minute Cooper.”

Cooper: “You can bring your camera and take pictures if you want.”

Me: heart melting and guilt setting in

This was a conversation we had just last night. As soon as he said those words, I knew I had to stop what I was doing and go outside and play. How sad is it that a 4 yr old is trying to bribe his mommy to play with him in exchange for pictures?

So I did.

I went into the garage and got out the rakes. We went out in the back yard and raked up a little pile of leaves for him to play in. There aren’t very many leaves on the ground yet, but there were plenty to make him happy!

I resisted the HUGE urge that I had to grab my camera as the warm golden sun set shone on his adorable little face while he joyfully grabbed leaves and threw them up into the air.

I resisted the urge to grab the camera to capture that same beautiful sun light glistening in my daughters eyes as she watched her big brother play.

I sat there and studied them both trying to commit this to my memory.

It was such a dreamy evening with amazing little ones playing at my feet. I don’t have any photos of it, but I tried my best to be present in the moment so I could remember this time with them forever.

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  1. Oh my, such a beautiful memory to share with us. Thanks Billie!


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