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August 16, 2010

Ladies Week | Gahanna Portrait Photographer

You’ve heard of Ladies Night… well last week was Ladies Week for me. I had the pleasure of photographing two lovely ladies last week. One on Monday evening in Gahanna at the beautiful Creekside Park, and another on Friday in Marysville. Both sessions were a lot of fun! I think it’s great that these ladies asked me to photograph them. I think most people believe there is no need for portraits if there aren’t kids involved. I don’t believe that is true. Even if your children are grown, you can still have photos taken. Maybe your children or grandchildren, if you are lucky enough to have them, would like some photos of you. They want to remember you just as much as you want to remember them.

I’ll get off of my little soap box now and introduce you to Conni. Conni is a good friend of mine and asked me if I would mind photographing her with her furry children. Her human children are grown, so now she has four cute little doggies to keep her company. I have taken an occasional picture with a dog in it here or there, but never a session that was partly focused around the dogs. It was exhausting and fun! I wrote on my Facebook page that it was very similar to photographing children other then the leashes. I usually don’t put a leash on my human subjects. I do beg, plead, and make funny noises to get either subject to look my direction. And I also bribe with treats with both furry and non furry subjects! Whatever it takes to get the shot!

This is Truman, Lexi, Ariel, and Brutus. This is Buckeye country after all. Who doesn’t have at least one dog named Brutus or Buckeye?

Truman has the sweetest personality.

Lexi is the oldest of the Yorkies and oh so cute.

Brutus is the busy, ornery little boy of the group!

And Ariel is the sweet little girl of Lexi and Brutus.

I had no assistant during this session, and there were times that we didn’t want the dogs in the shot. We wanted a few photos of Conni by herself. As you can imagine with four dogs, it takes a little while to tie each one of them to a tree and then untangle all of them when we needed to move on to the next location. We didn’t really want to do that every single time. So if you are wondering what we did with them when I was shooting Conni by herself, here is how I did it!

Luckily they were little dogs, so they didn’t jerk my feet out from under me!

Thanks Conni for asking me to do this for you. I think you look great even though it was 90+ degrees and a million percent humidity. I hope you love your pictures!

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