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July 06, 2010

Cake Smash Fun! | Hendersonville, NC Children's Photographer

OK, I'm about to ruin a 1st birthday invitation to this sweet little boys birthday party. So turn your head quick if you know Ryan! I have permission from his mama to post these and there is absolutely no way I could keep these photos to myself for another month! Not even the slightest possibility.

We have been planning this little Cake Smash Mini Session for a long time. Today was the big day! We finally did it. He wasted no time digging right into the cake and he obviously enjoyed every single moment of it.

I'm not sure what looks yummier. The cupcake or Ryan!

I mean look at those cheeks!
Tell me you don't just want to grab ahold of him

and give him a big smooch!

And I think this is my absolute favorite for the bunch!

Happy 1st Birthday baby Ryan!

If you are interested in a Cake Smash Mini Session, shoot me an email. They are quick and easy and quite adorable! I'll post the details of the Mini Sessions in the near future.

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  1. What a cute idea! These were so fantastic. He is adorable. Really nice session!


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