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June 25, 2010

Fashion Friday

Again, the number one question I get asked when scheduling a session is "What should we wear?" Since I just scheduled several family sessions this week, I thought I would post some more family photo shoot fashions. My advice is to simply coordinate your clothing. It's not necessary to match everyone perfectly. Matching everyone can be so tuff when you are dealing with lots of different ages, etc... So don't stress yourself out. Go into your closets and find some clothes that have similar colors. See what you already have that coordinates nicely and can be worn for photos. Then you just have to purchase any extra pieces that are needed. No need to go out and purchase every single person in the family a completely new outfit when there is probably some pretty awesome stuff hanging in your closet right now!

On another note... if you aren't following me on Facebook yet, you might want to start today. There was a pretty sweet special posted over there this week that you missed if you aren't "liking" me! Click here to go directly to my Facebook page and take advantage of the special. I only have a couple of spots left.

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