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March 28, 2010

Boys and their toys... | Sunbury Photographer

If you read this post a couple of weeks ago, you read about the endless supply of dinosaurs, light sabers, Batman, Spiderman, and yep you guessed in, Power Rangers, in my house! You probably read some of my Capturing the Little Things posts as well. When I walked into my family room today after church, I witnessed something that very rarely happens in my house. I immediately went for my camera of course.

This is my oldest son, Drew, and my youngest son, Cooper, playing very nicely together with the Power Rangers. The part that very rarely happens would be the “playing very nicely together”.

These Power Rangers were Drews when he was about Coopers age now. Cooper recently discovered them in a big box in the closet and has been playing with them pretty much daily. Well, today Drew started putting together all the Megazords and Power Ranger vehicles for him. He even put some batteries in them to bless us with all the cool noises and lights! Cooper now thinks that Drew is the best big brother ever.

Notice the little red lights in the photo above that Cooper insisted that I get a picture of. Please disregard the chocolate all over his face! I thought about photoshopping that out, but that is another thing about Cooper that I want to remember. He always has something on his face. Grandma is forever washing stuff off this kids face.

I have been reading a lot lately about storytelling with photographs. I also read this article about Capturing the Little Things. I think these pictures do both things. They tell a story about two brothers. And they are capturing the details of a time when Power Rangers were the coolest thing ever.

In my mind, these pictures remind me of a time when I was a stay at home mom with Drew and Brodey. A time when every time we went to the store we had to go down the Power Ranger aisle. A time, 8 years ago, when Drew was Cooper’s age and played with these very same toys every single day. A time when I started Christmas shopping on Ebay because the only thing that Drew wanted for Christmas was a yellow Power Ranger. I searched high and low for a yellow Power Ranger and could not find one anywhere. Ebay really saved me that year.

These pictures will also remind me that there were a few brief periods of time when the boys played nicely together and enjoyed each other’s company. Even if that moment ended as soon as the basketball game came on TV.

Another great thing about these pictures is that Drew will not normally allow me to take his picture. He runs from me or puts his hand in my face every time I point my camera his way. But he will allow me to photograph him doing things. He will let me photograph him playing basketball or reading a book to his sister. But never just a look at me and smile kind of picture. So I have learned to take whatever pictures I can get of him. Otherwise there would be years of his life that I would have no memories of.

Some people will look at these pictures, including my hubby and sons, and think that I am crazy. I’m hoping others will look at these pictures and be inspired to snap pictures of their families playing or DOING something. Something you will want to remember forever.

I just had someone tell me today that part of the reason they like my portrait photography is the fact that I capture a child’s personality. My photo shoots are not the typical sit down and say cheese kind of pictures. They are more like, let’s have some fun with this and try to capture the personality, character, and emotions of a child or family.

If you have a little character in your life that you would like for me to capture some special memories of, email me today to schedule your session. I still have a couple of spots in April and a couple in May. The weather is getting warmer and the flowers are blooming. I’m ready to get outside and start capturing the precious moments that you want to remember forever.

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