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February 18, 2010

Capturing the Little Things | Sunbury Photographer

I recently read an article entitled "Capture the Little Things". It really hit home with me since I sometimes have a hard time parting with things because I want to always remember. This article was all about capturing those little things on my camera that I never want to forget. If it's on my camera, I don't always have to necessarily keep all the clutter in my house so that I can remember all those little details. I can simply snap some pictures of those little things and they will be forever captured for me to always remember.

The first picture that I took with this article in mind was this:

These are the sweet little shoes that my baby girl is quickly outgrowing. These are the shoes that she learned to walk in. The shoes that she wore to her first birthday party. The little shoes that I never want to forget.

I know this isn't the most exciting picture to share with you. I only share it with you to encourage you to start capturing those little details that you always want to remember on your camera.

Email me your "Capturing the Little Things" pictures. I would love to see the memories that you will forever capture.

cap-ture: to represent or record in lasting form

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