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February 16, 2010

Another Snow Day! | Sunbury Children's Photographer

Really? This is getting a little crazy! I even read a message on my Facebook page yesterday from a teacher friend of mine about her being sick of the snow. Now you know it's bad when the teachers are complaining about the snow. They usually love the snow days! I guess enough is enough.

I actually came up with a good use for the snow. A use other than dressing the kids up and sending them out into the snow to entertain themselves for a while. The down side to that use is they always come back cold and cranky.

The use I came up with will give you beautiful photos! And I know you all love beautiful photographs. I have found that all this snow is like a huge reflector bouncing tons of natural light into your house for you to take beautiful pictures with. I always say that I am a natural light photographer, and in a minute you will see why I love natural light photography so much.

Before I show you the images, I'm going to give you my photo "recipe". I have my camera set on AV mode. AV stands for Aperture Priority. Aperture Priority, or Depth of Field, is the setting that will give you those gorgeous blurry backgrounds that everyone loves. I cranked it down to the lowest number I could get. In this case it's set to 1.8. Then I changed my ISO setting to 400. This will allow more light into your camera so you don't need a flash. Check your camera manual if you aren't sure how to change these settings. They are pretty simple to change once you know where they are on your camera.

After I had my camera set, I sat down on the floor in front of our french doors. There is tons of that natural light bouncing through the windows off the snow. Then I simply snapped some pictures of Peyton and Cooper.

Here is what I captured.

Then I turned on the flash and snapped a shot to show you the difference.

As you can see there's a huge difference. And from the looks of it, Peyton doesn't like the flash any more then her mommy does!

Here are a couple more images I snapped the other day using the same settings that I mentioned above. And yes I know, my 14 month old is standing on a kitchen table chair! All I can say is she is my fourth baby. I'm a little more relaxed these days. Maybe a little too relaxed!

So I hope this post will encourage you to get your camera out while you are stuck in the house and play with the settings. I would love to see what you capture. Email them to me. I would love to see them!

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