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January 19, 2010

Welcome... | Sunbury Children's Photographer

Welcome to my new blog! I'm very excited about finally getting it started. I am creating this blog mainly for my photography business, but I will occasionally post about my family as well. After all, with four kids in our house, there is always something crazy going on for me to write about! Hopefully some of those antics will bring a smile to your face.

That being said, I will write mainly about photography. I may be showing you a sneak peak from a photo shoot. Maybe some photography tips or portrait specials. I might run a contest or showcase a product. I'm hoping to provide a nice mixture of topics for you.

I'm currently working on my new website for Billie Mitchell Photography. Keep an eye for a post linking you to the site. I'm also working on a post about a casting call for newborns! That will be coming very soon. So if you are pregnant or know someone that is, watch for that also!

And because a blog post is no fun without a picture, I leave you with this cuteness! A little sneak peak from a photo shoot this past weekend. I will post more pics from this shoot soon.


  1. Congratulations on starting your blog! It looks great! :-)

  2. Congrats Billie! The "blog" can be so darn intimidating!I too have four little ones running around the house. They definitely make for great material! You should be proud! It's really fun when you get into the swing of writing. I am almost there. Look forward to reading!


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