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January 21, 2010

As I Promised... | Sunbury Children's Photographer

As I promised on the other day, I am back with more images from my photo shoot on Saturday. This was a really fun shoot chasing her around and capturing these sweet little expressions! Then it all went bad at the end when I dropped my camera on the pavement and shattered my favorite lens. I just about stood there and cried. It was such a sad drive home. But then, when I got home and loaded these pictures on to my computer, all felt right again!


  1. The pictures are terrific! What a sweetheart. I'm so sorry about your lens. I would have cried.

    Great job with your blog!

  2. Nicely done Billie. I just started my own blog... and it's not an easy thing to do... Especially when your lens is crumpled on the ground.
    Keep it up.


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