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January 25, 2010

Handsome boy... | Sunbury Children's Photographer

This handsome young boy is my second son Brodey. He and I ventured out early one morning in the freezing cold weather to capture these images. He had been begging me to take his pictures for quite a while. I know, I know, that is shocking. A 10 year old boy begging to have his picture taken. That is a rarity! He had good reason for requesting a photo shoot. He really despised the last photos I took of him! So when I enlarged one of them to a 16 x 20 print and hung it in our family room, he informed me of how much he disliked the pictures. I really liked the pictures. But since he was begging to have his photo taken again, I of course jumped at the opportunity.

The one bad part about this photo shoot is that my little boy doesn't look like a little boy anymore. He doesn't look like a 10 year old to me. He seems older to me somehow in these photos. That makes me a little sad on the inside.


  1. nice job! what a good sport he was for you. i wish i could take my 2 and 5 year old boys out and get some results like yours.

  2. It is scary when they start to look less child like. I am shocked everyday by how grown up my daughter looks. It's great he asked because he looks so natural...
    Great shots Billie!


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