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February 25, 2015

3 Reasons I LOVE BFF Sessions | North Henderson Senior Photographers

When I was putting together my 828Senior Model Program this time last year, I decided to add in a BFF session as one of the benefits of becoming a Billie Mitchell Photography Senior Model.  Can I just tell you how glad I am that I decided to do that?

two teen girls laying on the ground wearing white shirts with fall leaves around them
I shoot a couple of the best friend sessions last fall.  These were some of my absolute favorite
sessions that I shot in all of 2014.

best friend girls piggy back laughing and playing with fall leaves

Part of the reason I love these BFF sessions so much is because I absolutely seeing the relationship between the friends.  It's so sweet to me to see the fun and love in the friendship. 

girls standing on a path in white shirts with arm around each other

This is such a special time in their lives.  They are so excited about finishing high school and moving on to the next phase in their lives.  But they are also slightly sad and nervous about leaving behind what's familiar and figuring out how to remain close to the best friends.

two teen girls standing side by side in sunglasses holding out a phone to the camera with their picture on it

The 2nd reason I love it so much is sort of selfish.  While I'm shooting these sessions, I am taken right back to my high school days and all of my amazing BFF's.  I had a great group of girls and guys that I was really great friends with, and during these sessions I am taken right back to those days of hanging out and having so much fun.

senior girls sitting on the ground in white sweaters hugging each other

The 3rd, and perhaps most important, reason I love these sessions, is for the future.  Many times as I'm retouching these sessions I sit with tears in my eyes.  I think the reason is because that while I know the girls are going to love their BFF pictures, I also think that they are not going to FULLY appreciate the images until about 20 years down the road.  

two brunette teen girls laying on the ground laughing

I'm betting that when they look at the images today they will see how great they look, favorite fashion, does my hair look OK?  But the real emotion for these pictures will be felt 20 from now when they look back and these images and see the relationship.  The fun.  The love.  The friendship.

two teen girls in white sweaters hugging each other on a path

I'm so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to provide such special memories for my clients.  If you would love to have the friendship you have with your BFF captured, please don't hesitate to contact me to set up your session.

Billie is a high school senior portrait photographer in Asheville, NC.  She specializes in creating unique portrait experiences for each of her clients.  One of the ways that she creates such unique experiences is by providing her senior model clients with BFF portrait sessions during their senior year. 

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