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January 03, 2015

Winter Senior Pictures | Asheville NC Senior Photographers

I've been wanting to write a post about having your senior pictures taken during the winter months. It's something that I believe many people are afraid of doing. But I'm here to tell you that winter sessions can be just as great as any other time of year. 

blonde girl wearing white sweater with long yellow tunic underneath and green scraf and leggings
First of all, who doesn't love layering sweaters, scarves, vests, leggings, boot socks, boots, hats, etc...  I mean really.  There are just so many possibilities.
girl wearing brown fingerless gloves with fur trim
I'm including lots of inspiration in this post that is from a shoot I did in Asheville for two local boutiques on Haywood Street.  Southern Charm and Charmed.  They have tons of choices to keep you both warm AND stylish during your winter shoot.
ginger girl wearing cream slouchy hat, brown knit wrap, and plaid tartan jacket
Everything from these great knit wraps, to plaid tartan, to cute jackets.
blonde senior girl wearing black slouchy hat, black jacket, and red scarf
There are lots of really cute hat options for winter photo shoots.  Hats not only keep you warm if it's cold outside for your winter senior session, but they add so much personality to your pictures as well.

Charmed also has these adorable headbands, and I just love this knit shawl!
senior girl wearing white knit shawl and headband, with gold scarf and brown boots
And boots!  I know y'all have tons of different boots that you love.  Yes cowboy boots are cute in the summer with your sundress, but there are even more boot possibilities in the winter months!
blonde teen girl wearing black jacket and hat, red scarf, standing in front of brick wall
And scarves.... So many different scarf combinations.
teen girl wearing tan hat, brown wrap, green shirt, plaid tartan jacket
And did I forget to mention that it won't be steaming hot during your session when you choose a winter senior session.  I LOVE my summer sessions, I really do.  But lets face it, sometimes it's REALLY hot.
senior girl standing against snow covered fence wearing white wool jacket and orange hat and scarf
 What if it snows?  Oh my goodness, lets hope it snows!  But only enough snow for pretty pictures.  I'm not wishing for anymore snow than that.  :)

But seriously, snow can make for some really beautiful portraits.  And talk about unique.  How many people do you know that have snow in their senior portraits?  Probably not many!
senior girl standing in snowing meadow wearing fushia wool jacket with white headband, scarf, and gloves
 If you are interested in a snow session, please let me know.  I will be keeping a list of interested people and calling to set up your snow session when it does snow.
blonde teen girl wearing faux brown leather short jacket, gray tunic, printed leggings, brown boots, and white scarf
Another perk of winter sessions, it's a slower time of year for photographers.  You will have more luck getting the date that you want to book vs shooting any other time of year.  I really hate when I have to turn clients away because everyone wants to shoot during the same few months of the year.  
teen girl wearing gray wool jacket, gold scarf, and white knit headband
Let's face it, the closer you get to graduation, the crazier your schedule is going to be.  Especially if you are involved in spring sports, a spring drama production, etc...  So lets take the time to get your senior pictures taken care of now.  Plus it will be a more enjoyable experience if you aren't rushed and can really take the time to enjoy yourself!

When are you planning on having your senior pictures taken?  Have you given it much thought?  Give winter a chance.  We'll have a blast.  I promise!!!

Billie specializes in high school senior photography in Western North Carolina.  She has been shooting high school seniors for 5 years in both Central Ohio and North Carolina.  She works with seniors from North Henderson, West Henderson, East Henderson, Hendersonville, Brevard High School, Enka High School, AC Reynolds, TC Roberson, McDowell High School,Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, North Carolina School of Science and Math, and Asheville Christian Academy.  She is very excited to add you and your school to her portfolio!

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