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July 25, 2011

Family Room Makeover Part II | Sunbury Photographer

Part II of the family room makeover.
Click here to see the installation of the board and batten.

As you can see, I had a little trouble deciding on a color. If I knew for sure we were going to be staying here, I would have painted an aqua-ish color. But since we are going to be putting it on the market to sell, I felt like an aqua family room might not be the best move. I see lots of yellow family rooms in friends and family’s homes. So I figured it would be a better color choice to appeal to the majority of people. But then, I had a horrible time deciding what shade of yellow to use. Something cheery, but not blinding. Something airy and light, but not to close to just being an off white or cream color. So I had many yellow swatches hanging trying to decide. Then one day I came across some little berry type things on a flower arrangement that were the perfect color. So I took that and matched to it the color swatches at Home Depot. The color I ended up choosing was Provence Cream by Behr. It turned out exactly as I wanted.
 Light and airy, cheerful, colorful, but not too obnoxious.

A few weeks ago I was cruising around Craigslist and came across this sofa. I thought it was super fun and the price was right. Only $150. We went to check it out. I feared it would be bad quality. But it’s not. Very sturdy and in great shape.

Next up we have several spray painted items. I have an entire array of spray paint colors in my garage. It’s amazing what spray paint can do to an old ugly lamp, or how fun it can make a big framed mirror. The mirror and blue lamp are painted with a color called Ocean Breeze. I love the color, but the Krylon paint didn’t work out so great for me. It cracked and bubbled on both the mirror and the lamp. But you can’t tell from a distance, so I went with it. If someone notices, oh well!  Now that I think about it, someone did notice.  She thought I crackled it on purpose.  Lets go with that theory!

The green lamp is painted with Rustoleum Green Apple.

 The TV tray is painted with Rustoleums Warm Yellow. 
Not my fav shade of yellow, but I haven't taken the time to repaint it yet.

The floor lamp is Rustoleum Apple Red.
Love it!

I’m still thinking about painting these two little metal tables on the ends of the couch.
I’m thinking red. What do you think?

This wall has Goodwill and clearance finds. The family sign is from Goodwill. The star & compass were clearance from Hobby Lobby.  The M is a Hobby Lobby 50% off deal. 

This is Dennis’ Father’s Day gift. I took CD covers to artists that we both love, concerts that we went to, or any other music that is meaningful to us in someway. I painted this 20” x 20” piece of MDF with an army green paint sample that I found on the oops rack at Home Depot for $.50. Then I copied the CD covers and mod podged them to the board. Rubbed some stain, that I also found on the oops rack, into the cracks between the paper to give it kind of an aged/grunge look. Then I sanded the edges a bit to give it more of that aged/weathered look. Dennis loved it.  And the other print is an Etsy find.  Love Etsy!

I bought this canvas a while ago to use for another purpose. But for some reason that I can’t remember, I never used it. Then I tried wrapping fabric around it for my bedroom, but couldn’t find the right fabric. So I was left with thie 20” x 30” blank canvas. I decided I was going to try to paint something fun on it. I haven’t painted anything since High School. But I loved doing it. It was fun to create like that again. It’s just simple. But it has that whimsical feel that I love.  (This canvas was in another location in one of the pictures above.  I have moved things around alot to figure out where I best like things.)  (Oh, and those picture frames, I don't know the people in the pictures.  Those are the cool people that came with the frame.  I haven't taken the time to add my own pictures yet.  You know I have so few pictures to choose from!)

This is another fabric wrapped board. I actually bought that fabric for a dress for Peyton. But she informed me that “My not like that fabic Mommy.” Since she didn’t want a dress made with it, I came up with another use for it. Simple but fun. At least I think so anyway!

I have been looking for new rugs for this room and hadn’t been able to find a runner that I liked. I needed something colorful. So I decided to just sew a couple of rag rugs together to make one long one for the space that I needed a runner. Easy and cheap rug. I have no idea how long it will last, but for $15 for the 3 rag rugs, it was worth giving it a try.

This is more fabric. Apparently I have a thing for fabric. This time I spray adhesived it to poster board and then framed it. This was an ugly yard sale frame that I, you guessed it, spray painted. Again, simple and cheap.

Pillows were placemats that I opened up the seam in one end, filled with pillow stuffing, and sewed back up. I think the place mats were about $2 a piece. All on clearance of course.

The curtains are Ikea Vivan curtains. Super cheap too. $15 for the pair.
Roman shade was a clearance item from Lowes.

Chair was on clearance at Old Time Pottery.

So I think that is everything in this room. I'm pleased with how it turned out. 
So what are you working on these days?  Any re-decorating going on in your home?

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  1. This looks great! Love the Wainscotting. Looks so fresh.

  2. Wow! Totally in love with this room. That couch is also amazing, love the shape and contrasting piping. Great job decorating!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your family room!! It is so much fun!!! :)

  4. Super fun room...I love the colors, girl!


  5. Love the colors, this room is fantastic-the art, pillows, lamps, and furniture!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. i just painted provence cream on my wall above my board and batten because it turned out so well in your house...thanks...ours looks good too.

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  8. fabulous craigslist find! I got a nice sofa for staging my last house too and at under $200 I wasn't very concerned if it didn't hold up, but it has! happy accidents :) Really like your room composition and color accents.

  9. Some Meijer stores still have the placemats (I saw them today!)

  10. I would leave the tables black. They compliment the cording on the couch and the painting with the black lines so well! It helps the eye flow around. Great room!

  11. What a happy room. I love it. I would love to just pick it up and drop it here in my own. I am saving this makeover to my desktop for inspiration. Wow! O.K. Enough gushing. I just really like this.

  12. I would love to feature your room on my blog tomorrow. It is such a fun and happy room!


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