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February 11, 2011

5 on Friday | Sunbury Photographer

1. blinking cursor, blinking cursor, blinking cursor…. crickets……

2. I got nothin this week. This is a slow time of year for photographers. So really, I have been just working on my house. Not a lot of photography work.

3. Well I take that back. I have been taking lots of pictures. Pictures of my own family for my 365 blog. I get excited thinking about what the end of year blog book will look like with all these pictures that I’m taking for this project.

4. I recently posted on that 365 blog about Peyton and I loving the You Are My Sunshine song. So this week I made this little sign to print and hang in her room. I also posted here and here about her love of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. So I’m going to try to create another sign to go along with this. If you would like a copy of this Sunshine sign, email me and I will email you the file for you to print for yourself.  I'm planning on just printing it with my photo lab and putting it in a frame.

5. This is the little Valentine that I made for Cooper’s Valentine’s Day party at preschool. I haven’t shown them to him yet. He might hate them and want the regular character Valentines. Either way, I love this little card of him and will keep it for myself!

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