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December 01, 2010

Sweet Baby JJ | Hendersonville, NC Newborn Photographer

I think I'm just going to let these images speak for themselves.

***WARNING, if you have baby fever, you might want to skip this post. These images are not going to help with said fever. Second warning, this is a long post. I don't usually include this many images. But I couldn't really narrow them down to 5 or 6. AND, I didn't want to deprive you of any of this sweetness! Yeah I'm nice like that. You can thank me with chocolate!

I warned you to turn away!

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  1. ADORABLE! Mike introduced this little guy on Sunday. Very sweet indeed. Thanks for sharing:) I wouldn't have been able to narrow them down either. Poor mommy and daddy. lol

  2. These are beautiful!! You are so talented and that little baby is the cutest! --Megan Winn (Megan Barnett)


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