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December 30, 2010

Christmas | Sunbury Photographer

We had a wonderful Christmas at our house!  I thought I would share some images with you of the activities on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  We had Christmas with my Dad on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.  Then my sister and her family, as well and my Mom and Step Dad, showed up Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts.  We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone.  Grandma and Grandpa even spent the night and were able to spend Christmas morning with us as well.  I love when they are able to do that.  The kids love sharing that time with them.

So Cooper and I got up on Christmas Eve morning and started baking some cookies.  The picture is a little blurry because I set the camera on top of a big bowl and set the timer to take the picture!  The focus point was focused on the wrong thing, thus leaving the image slightly blurry.  But I don't really care.  It still captures our time alone together that morning baking cookies.  It would have been nice if it would have blurred me out a little more!

Peyton finally gets to open the package wrapped in pretty princess paper that has been taunting her for a couple of weeks.  My Dad always has me purchase gifts for the kids from him.  So their gifts from him have been wrapped and under the tree for a couple of weeks. 

 She kept going to this package saying "Mine Mommy?"  "Yes Peyton, that is your gift from Papaw."  "Open Mommy?"  "Not yet Peyton.  We have to wait for Papaw to come visit."  "O-Tay Mommy."

So she finally gets to open it and it's a Dora baby doll.  Her favorite character right now.  We watch Dora in the van pretty much daily. 

She sits it up and looks are her pretty dollie and says "Open Mommy" so sweetly and contently.

Then we dressed Dora and changed Dora and then put ALL of the clothes on Dora at one time.

Then there are these rotten boys.  We go from dollies to guns!  They received airsoft guns from Grandpa.  They sat immediately and put everything together.  It's weird that they can put their own things together now.  They are growing up so quickly.  So glad I still have a couple of little ones around here.

Then there is ornery little Cooper.  He got a really cool, have to get a raincheck in order to purchase, Iron Man remote control figure that walks & shots things at Cooper's mommy when she is trying to take pictures of him. (WOW, that's a long sentence!)  It's such a good thing that kid is so stinkin cute!

No we will move on to Christmas with Grandma and Aunt Jenny. 
Opening more gifts.

You can't tell from these two pictures, but they are unwrapping more guns.  This time it's Nerf guns though.  All the kids got Nerf guns from Aunt Jenny.  Needless to say, I have been hit by more Nerf darts in the last week then I care to think about.  And poor Peyton got shot right between the eyes with a dart.


Our tree after gifts have been delivered.  We decided this year to cut back on Christmas gifts.  Each of the kids received three gifts as a reminder of the three gifts given when Baby Jesus was born, and one gift from Santa.  I'm proud that we were able to stick to this family tradition. For the most part anyway.  Coop somehow ended up with a few more than three gifts! 

Can you believe that there are gifts under that tree for a family of 6 as well as a few for Grandma and Grandpa?  AND, everyone was perfectly content with the gifts they received.  I don't know why I have always felt the need to give so much each year.  I really thought cutting back would be much more painful then what it was.

Just a little detail shot. 
Princess wrapping paper, pretty polka dot nightgown, and a pudgy little baby hand.
How can you not snap that picture?

Peyton taking very good care of one of her 4 new baby dolls. 
She feeds, and pats, and wraps in blankets, and walks these dolls everyday. 

Cooper is studying all the stockings trying to figure out which one is his. 
He is looking at all the letters on the stockings to find the C.

And then Santa goofed and put the Browns watch in the die hard Bengals fan's stocking and the Bengals watch in the Browns fan's stocking! 

Sorry for the bad quality of these pictures.  I cropped them pretty tight to try to show the faces of the watches.  The cropping caused the graininess.  But again, I don't care.  It captures a funny moment with the boys on Christmas morning.  That's what's important.  Not perfect pictures.

So that's all folks.  I of course have tons more pictures, but I won't bore you with more.  I feel kind of like your annoying Uncle making you sit down and look at all his vacation slides.
I hope that isn't how it feels to you too. 

I do hope that every one of you had a magical Christmas as well.
I'm excited for the new year and all the possibilities that it holds for all of us!   

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