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November 02, 2010

something for me | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

You know how I'm a lover of natural light photography?
Well for some reason, after living in this house for close to 11 years, I just realized that I have a bathtub with a big window right next to it that allows tons of natural light to pour in.
Like I've said before, I'm a bit of a slow learner!

So anyway, a couple of weekends ago I put the two little ones in said bathtub and snapped a few pics of them. All these years I have been trying to take bathtub pictures in the other bathroom. The bathroom that has yellow walls and tungsten lighting. And as you can imagine, pictures turn out very yellow.

I managed to capture a couple of very cute images of Peyton and Cooper.

Then I even managed to get them printed.

Did I mention that I only took these pictures two weekends ago and I already have them printed?

I know. Impressive. Right?

I use to have pictures of the older boys hanging in the bathroom. But when I painted the bathroom, I never put those pictures back up. They were in frames that matched the old paint.

I thought for a brief moment about digging out those old pictures of Drew and Brodey. But then I thought they might string me up for hanging pictures of them as little toddlers in the bathtub in a bathroom that all their friends use when they are here!

I quickly nixed that idea!

Today I actually framed and hung on the new pictures of my current little people on the wall.

Yep, you guessed it.

In the bathroom!

And I love them!

P.S. These pictures really do not give these pictures justice.
But you get the idea!

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