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October 08, 2010

Five on Friday | Sunbury Photographer

1.) I’m going to be shooting my first session at the lovely Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley this weekend. I’m looking forward to shooting there and hoping for beautiful weather. If you haven’t visited this property, you really should. It’s absolutely beautiful!

2.) We have a mouse in our house that I cannot catch. He is driving me insane! Cooper has started giving me advice on how to catch this mouse based on his experiences watching hours of Tom and Jerry. He actually told me the other day “That is not how Tom would do it Mommy.”

3.) I’ve been having a lot of fun designing Christmas cards lately. If you had photos taken earlier this year and would like to order cards, please let me know and I can send you a link to the card gallery on my website for you to pick out the design that you like.

4.)My 11 year old son, Brodey, is thinking of giving band a try this year. We usually don’t allow more than one activity at a time. Meaning they can play one sport per season. Not play two sports or a sport and boy scouts, etc… We have a hard enough time fitting one activity per season, per kid, into our schedule. BUT, I think band is all done during the day at school. No extra evening practices. Probably just an occassional concert to attend in the evenings. So he should still be able to keep up with his sports that he likes to play and give band a try. He is thinking of trying the trumpet, trombone, or baratone. Any advice out there from other band parents? I have never participated in band or had any kids in band.

5.) I’m on a mission to declutter my house. I cleaned out 5 big bags of clothes out of the kids bedrooms this past weekend. I also visited Flylady’s site again recently. I use to follow her and her methods really do work. But I eventually lost momentum and desparately need to get back on track. I started last night with 15 minutes of decluttering in my kitchen. I emptied a basket that collects junk and completely removed it from the counter all together. I knew if I put it back, it would just collect more junk! Wish me luck on my decluttering mission.

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