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July 08, 2010

Family | Marion Family Photographer

Up next in the blogging frenzy this week is another great family session. I met with this family last weekend in Marion. Seems like I have traveled all around lately to many different towns. Don't be afraid to contact me about a session even if you don't live super close to Sunbury.
I'm happy to come to you!

When Rebecca arrived with her family, the baby wasn't too excited to see me or to get to know me. We decided to start with a few family shots so she could stay close to mom and dad. I did manage to get a little smile out of her for this first shot. I think I probably mentioned something about candy!
Whatever it takes. Right?

Her big sister, on the other hand, warmed up to me and my camera very quickly. She wasn't bashful at all and loved having her photo taken. Probably almost as much as I loved taking her photo.

Next up, big brother! He too was very at ease in front of the camera. More so than any other boy that I have ever photographed I think. My camera liked him a lot too!

Then I started focusing on this little lady. As you can see, she wasn't afraid of me for very long and allowed me to snap a lot of beautiful images of her. Look at that look in her eyes. Isn't she a cutie?

I put my camera away and passed out the suckers that I had been promising all evening, only to have to grab the camera again for one last shot of these two adorable young ladies enjoying their much deserved treat.

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