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June 09, 2010

Magen & Aidan | Hilliard Portrait Photographer

Meet Magen & Aidan.

What sweet children they are!
Seriously, these two were so fun and easy to photograph.
I told their mom that with subjects as cute as these, my job is pretty easy.
How can you not have beautiful portraits when this is what is looking into your lens?

 This first portrait is one of my all time favorite sibling photos.

Then there is the cute faces!

Look at those sweet little looks on their faces.

And now we have their fun faces!

When I loaded these photos onto my computer I was pleasantly surprised with all the different looks that I was able to capture. I hope that I was able to document their little personalities very well for the mom and dad!

Thanks for a fun afternoon in the park Magen & Aiden!
And thanks to you too Laurie for showing me this awesome new park for portrait sessions. I love finding new locations for sessions!

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  1. Beautiful photos Billie! :)


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