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May 04, 2010

Prom | New Lexington Portrait Photographer

I went back home to New Lexington last weekend for two portrait sessions and prom pictures. Unfortunately the portrait sessions were rained out and will need to be rescheduled. But we did manage to dodge the rain drops to capture these prom pictures of my very handsome nephew, Zach, and his beautiful girlfriend, Chelsea.

When Chelsea came out, she was breathtaking.
She looked like something out of a princess fairytale.

They were so sweet together.

When my 4 year old son, Cooper, saw these pictures on my laptop he gasped and said "Mommy, who is that?" I told him it was Zach's girlfriend. He asked "Is she real?" I said "yes she is real." "Does her talk?" "Yes she talks Cooper." Then he asked "What's her name?" I told him her name was Chelsea. He said "Her's bootiful mommy!"

I think he is right!

I think you better watch out Zach. Cooper might be trying to charm your girl!

These pictures brought back a lot of memories of my high school prom. So much so that I went and dug out my old photo albums to look at my prom pictures.

Thanks Zach and Chelsea for letting me be a little part of your evening.
I hope these pictures will bring back fond memories years down the road.

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