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May 28, 2010

Fashion Friday | Sunbury Portrait Photographer

I am by no means a fashiontisa! Not by any stretch of the imagination. So please do not be misled by the title of this post. These Fashion Friday posts are to assist my gorgeous clients see what type of clothing looks great in photos.

The number one question I receive when scheduling a session is "What should we wear?" I am always trying to verbally explain different styles that work. Recently I started thinking that some examples might be nice as well. So I decided to periodically start posting a Fashion Friday entry with different examples. Hopefully this will make it easier for you when you are trying to put together your portrait wardrobes.

First up, family! Remember, all you need to do is coordinate. Everyone doesn't necessarily have to match perfectly. Another important thing to remember is to dress comfortably. Uncomfortable clothing makes people look uncomfortable and stiff.

This weeks example is simple but colorful. The colors will make the portraits bright and fun, but won't be distracting. I have included shoes in this example, but I love bare feet as well. So feel free to kick your shoes off and be really comfortable and relaxed!

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