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April 15, 2010

Senior Portrait Season | Sunbury Senior Photographer

This past weekend was super crazy for Billie Mitchell Photography. I started the weekend shooting action shots at the Golden Eagle Relays at the Big Walnut High School. I have never shot track action shots before. It was tons of fun! I especially loved taking pictures of the jumping events. You can check out a couple of my fav shots here.

Today I would like to share one of the senior portrait sessions that I shot on Saturday after the relays. I met Heather in her beautiful backyard to shoot her mini Senior Portrait Session. Well, it was supposed to be a mini session but we shot for at least an hour. We were having a lot of fun and couldn’t stop!

Heather wasn’t looking forward to our portrait session. She is like many people, she doesn’t really like having her picture taken. But check out how gorgeous she is!

She was fabulous. We just wandered around her back yard and shot away.

She was game for anything that I asked her to do.

We even managed to capture a few images with her dogs!

When I asked Heather near the end of her session “Was this was as bad as you had anticipated?” She said “No, not at all. It was much better then I thought it would be.” Now, I don’t know if she told me that just to make me feel good, or if she really did enjoy our time together a little! I’m hoping it’s the latter.

I’m going to have a display at the 12th Annual Community Open House, Trade Fair & Health Expo at the Big Walnut High School on April 29th. I will be running a Senior Portrait booking special at the Trade Fair. If you’re looking for your Senior Portrait Photographer, stop by and see me. I’d love to chat with you about your session!


  1. Beautiful Billie!

    What a great back yard for a session too!

  2. Very nice Billie (and Heather)! I think whoever was holding the reflector thingy did a fantastic job! :)

  3. Yeah I always let special people hold my reflector for me! This special mom did a fantastic job.


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