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April 12, 2010

I had him at Hello... | Sunbury Child & Family Photographer

...for about 10 minutes!

Meet Sophie and Sam.

I met up with these little cuties at the beautiful Inniswood Metro Gardens last Saturday morning for Sam's 3 year old pictures and a few family portraits.

I say that I had him at hello because I had Sam's attention for about 1o minutes. After that, he was pretty much finished with me and my camera!
I'd say that is pretty typical of most 3 year olds. Wouldn't you? Then I was off to walk that fine line of capturing the images that mom wants without completely frustrating the child. And yet this is still one of my favorite ages to photograph. I love the carefree attitude of little ones. They just run around and play, or do their best to hide from me, and I snap away trying to capture all that personality. Personality that I want their mama to be able to forever remember.

This is Sam's adorable big sister, Sophie. As you can see, she loved the camera. And the camera loved her as well. I look forward to shooting her birthday portraits later this year!

A beautiful family + a beautiful day = a beautiful portrait!

Psst... Hey Sam,

Next time I'll bring some yummy treats!

Maybe that will make having your picture taken a little more fun.

Hey, I'm not above bribery to get that perfect portrait!


  1. What a cute family! I love the pics, they turned out great! Nice job once again!

  2. Billie! These are GREAT!! What a gorgeous family.... xoxo

  3. Thanks Marla and Crissie! This was a great family to work with. So easy going and fun to work with.


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