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March 30, 2010

Little Cutie! | Sunbury Children's Photographer

It must be the week for 3 year old pictures. I have another 3 year old shoot coming up this weekend.

Here are the rest of the pictures that I teased you about yesterday.

This little cutie turned three at the end of February. Her Grandma is a long time friend of mine. She has been a surrogate Grandmother to my kids for years and years.

She is just like me. She has nothing but boys in her life! She has three sons and two grandsons.

Then came this cute little girl!

I think she was worth the wait! What do you think?


  1. Beautiful Billie! I know Shirley will be thrilled!

  2. Thanks for Mom and Marla! She truly was a joy to photograph. I certainly hope that I get to do it again someday.


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